On Saturday May 19th  The Clarion Content will be hosting a party at the platform adjacent to the Cordoba Center for the Arts.  This event is close to my heart for many reasons…over the past nine months I have been collaborating with Cady and Aaron on what we coined as Fashion Drive-Bys.  We have brought together neighborhoods, boutiques, jewelers, designers, restaurants, models, etc. all Durham based, to take a second look at what we think are amazing, and maybe at times overlooked, gems in the town that we all now all call home.    Not only has this whole experience been creatively inspiring, but it as brought me closer to the place I lovingly call my hometown.  Cady and Aaron have really helped to push me creatively in time when I needed it most…thank you a million time over y’all!  I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart!

      We will be selling prints at the show, some large and some small framed in amazing hand crafted framed made by an amazing artist and new friend, Kal Fadem. We are donating at percentage to Duke Cancer Research in honor of my incredible mother who is currently battling cancer like the fighter that she is.

      Thank you also to Ned Phillips for creating this video to promote the May 19th festivities…and of course to Sara for always bringing it:)  Hope to see you there!


      Thanks Ann!