My husband and I were amazed by Jessi when she photographed our engagement and wedding pictures last fall. Not only was she professional and knowledgeable, but she made the entire experience a blast! Jessi’s creativity and spontaneity allowed her to capture many fun, attention-grabbing photos, in addition to the more traditional ones. Jessi put us at total ease in front of the camera and adjusted the lighting and angles to make sure our pictures would look great. We were thrilled with the results and could not be happier! I would like to highly recommend Jessi to anyone who is seeking a photographer for an important occasion. Jessi has amazing skills, talent, and passion for her work, and I would gladly call on her again.
      Carolyn Kang

      Jessi photographed our wedding in 2008. I can’t believe how well she captured the amazing energy of that day. Seeing her photos after the wedding was like being able to live the experience all over again, which was wonderful! I can’t express how glad I am that we have those pictures as a reminder of such a beautiful event.


      …Very creative approach to photography at my daughter’s wedding celebration. Jessica captured the fun around her and worked smoothly around the festivities. I would recommend her work to anyone who needs a professional with a pleasant manner…

      -Jim Parlier

      Jessi had an amazing ability to make everyone around her feel completely in their element while she smiled and snapped away.  She was a wonderful part of my whole wedding day experience.  The images she captured were just gorgeous — I love everything from the beautiful still of my wedding dress hanging by the window to the fantastic Vanity Fair-style shot of my bridesmaids, and I adore the magical shots of my husband and me.  Jessi’s photos illustrate everything from the small details to the large-scale events, bringing a whole wonderful range of emotions alive with them.  I will treasure them forever.

      All my very best,